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Monday, March 5, 2012

2 Face Fashion Kits by BE

Hey Everyone!

Today I just want to review two kits that I ordered on the BareMinerals web site about three weeks ago. So the first one is the Face Fashion-Pure Happiness kit. So the kit comes with five pieces. 
1)The Happy Eyecolor-which is a light, shimmery mint color. 
2)The other eye color is Wowza. This is a rich, shimmery purple color.  3)It comes a a mini Big&Bright eyeliner called Indigo, which is a really nice purple-black color. 
4)The next piece is a mini 100% Natural Lip gloss in Funnel cake. This gloss is a really nice nude pink shade. 
5)The last piece is the Chuckle blush. This is a really nice coral colored, shimmery blush. All of these pieces are great for spring and summer. The colors are very wearable and I think would look good on just about everyone!


 This next kit is the Face Fashion-Pretty Wild Kit. The colors in this one are exceptionally gorgeous. They are absolutely perfect for going out in the spring during the evening or they can be transformed into dramatic makeup for the winter. The packaging makes it even more colorful. The five pieces are as follow

1) Violette Eyecolor- A matte lavender shade
2) Greenhouse Eyecolor- a matte moss color
3) Floret blush- a shimmery, sweet pink
4) Flawless Definition Volumizing Mascara in Blue Black- I don't think you can tell that it is really blue if you have black lashes.
5) Pretty Amazing Lipcolor in Vivacious. This is a 
really nice lip color. It is a combination between dusted pink color. I really don't know how to describe it. lol. The good thing about this formula is that it is a lipstick/gloss. So the application is very creamy. 

Overall, both of these kits are amazing. They each come with different things so that makes it more useful. You can still buy these online at I believe they do not carry these anymore in the stores. 

Enjoy! And as always, please leave me your comments/feedback.


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