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Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Hello Everyone!

So this upcoming month is going to be crazy on QVC. All of these holiday beauty collections are coming out and it is insane.

On that note, Tarte will be coming out with a new TSV on Nov.18th but I got a chance to pre-order it.
It is called the Tarte Bow&Go 3-in-1 collection. 

Basically, it comes with three boxes. 

1) The first box contains 4 full size lipsurgence lip cremes.
2) The second box comes with 2 Amazonian clay liners and 2 full size mascaras.
3) The third and final box comes with a palette of 16 eyeshadows.

You can keep all three of them for yourself or gift them accordingly.

If you order it now, you can use the item number A252459.  I believe it retails for $49.98 and is available with 3 easy pay installments. 

I would definitely order this item and tt is available for auto-delivery as well. You will get one additional shipment in April. Tarte always gives you good value for your money. Grab the kit while you can.



Hello Everyone!

Sorry it's been a while, but it has been CRAZY with tons and tons of school work/midterms.

As you know, I have been a religious user of Origins Skincare. But, I wanted to branch out and see what was available in the market that was more Organic. I heard good things about ACURE skincare and while I was at WholeFoods last week, I decided to give it a try.

I bought 2 things. An eye cream and a facial oil

1. The Eye Cream is called ACURE Chlorella+Edelweiss Stem Cell Eye Cream.
It comes in a 1oz and retails for $18.99. I personally think that is a pretty darn good price for an eye cream don't ya think?

This eye cream is unscented, so that is a given bonus. The consistency reminds me of a gel-like moisturizer. While putting it on, it may seem as though it might not be hydrating enough, but it most definitely is. I touched my under eye area a couple of hours later to find that the skin felt soft and supple. The packaging also is in a tube now. So don't worry about it getting contaminated. Overall, I think this is a good buy. And you couldn't get more organic/natural than this even if you wanted to. The ingredients are made up of good stuff like Goji berries/Acai Berries, etc.

2. The second item I bought was the Argan Oil. This also comes in a 1 oz  glass bottle, and has a little dropper. It retails for $14.99. So I have heard a number of things about Argan oil, but I had never tried it before. The Josie Maran oil is far to expensive in my mind, and this seemed like a perfect alternative. The smell is a little nutty, but goes away after applying it. The oil doesn't sit on top of the skin like Jojoba oil or Almond oil might. It just gets absorbed into the skin right away. This probably is an amazing oil for people with oily skins, and needless to say it works for drier skins. I would really recommend trying this out.

Overall, I am really happy with my purchases. This skincare brand can be found at Whole Foods and at (With free shipping :) ).

I am definitely looking forward to trying out more things from this line. Hope you enjoy!