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Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Hello Everyone!

So this upcoming month is going to be crazy on QVC. All of these holiday beauty collections are coming out and it is insane.

On that note, Tarte will be coming out with a new TSV on Nov.18th but I got a chance to pre-order it.
It is called the Tarte Bow&Go 3-in-1 collection. 

Basically, it comes with three boxes. 

1) The first box contains 4 full size lipsurgence lip cremes.
2) The second box comes with 2 Amazonian clay liners and 2 full size mascaras.
3) The third and final box comes with a palette of 16 eyeshadows.

You can keep all three of them for yourself or gift them accordingly.

If you order it now, you can use the item number A252459.  I believe it retails for $49.98 and is available with 3 easy pay installments. 

I would definitely order this item and tt is available for auto-delivery as well. You will get one additional shipment in April. Tarte always gives you good value for your money. Grab the kit while you can.


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