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Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Hello Lovlies,

So there is another TSV that is coming up next from Tarte-Feb 4th to be exact. This is a 7 piece collection that pretty much has something for the eyes, lips, and face. So, it's a pretty well-rounded collection.

It is retailing for about $59 and change and it's available for Auto-Delivery.

This is the travel case-its pretty big!

The new CC color stick! I ordered this kit in tan and this is a little bit darker than my skin tone.. but let's see how it plays out.

The bronzer/blush looks gorgeous and I don't see it being a problem for my skin tone. Obviously I would not use this to contour my face, but I think it's a very pretty everyday color.

The brush is one of my favorite things. I love how it is flat-edged and small. You can really get around the nose and underneath your eyes, pretty easily with this thing. The handle is wooden, which I love!

The eyeliner is black in color, and I am sure it will not be disappointing!

Don't let this picture fool you. This is a very sheer lip gloss, and is actually not too sticky. I have darker lips so this comes off as a very natural color on my lips. And the doe-foot applicator is really awesome!

And finally, the main product out of the collection-the new colored clay liquid foundation. Now, this color is lighter than the color stick so I am not really sure how to use them together. This foundation definitely needs to be used with a light hand, so it will not end up looking cakey. The problem with ordering on QVC is that the shade selection is veryyy limited. Actually, that is a problem with Tarte in general-the only problem that  I have with their products lol. I find that they basically only offer two darker shades-tan/deep. Most of the time they don't offer any color in between.. and I don't really want to purchase two different foundations to make the color work. So hopefully this does not turn out too ashy. I will update you guys once I use this foundation a little bit more. The packaging is exactly like the Amazonian Clay Airbrushed Powder Foundation. While it was ideal for the powder foundation-not so much for the liquid version. 

Overall, the kit is a good price and you get a something for every part of your face. Performance wise, Tarte has never disappointed me (touch-wood). Like I said, my only complaint would be the shade range. 

The item number for the single shipment is: #A254260
and for Auto-Delivery: #A254679. 

You get one more shipment in August, and one next year in February. 

Enjoy and let me know what you think!

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