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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Curly Hair Care

Hey Everyone!
So if you have curly hair like me, you probably have gone through hell trying to figure out how to manage it in the proper way. I straightened my hair all the time in the ninth grade and stopped in the tenth. I didn't like the way it looked and instead decided to embrace my curls. I first tried out Giovanni's styling gel that did a pretty good job but still gave me a little frizz. The thing I liked about this product though is that it gave me a lot of volume, which some of you may not like. I think that this retails for about $8-$9. A little later I came across something called Kinky Curly Curling Custard. I know, the name is a little funny ;). This product is seriously the best! You put it on wet hair and then leave it to air dry or use a diffuser. And voila, you have perfect curls. This product is $17. You can get it at Whole Foods, Amazon, and if you are concerned about the price, this tub lasts for over 6 months. The one drawback i have with this is that when you put it on and even after you have diffused it, it still stays a little damp looking. One tip is tie up your hair after it is dry and after taking it down the curls become completely dry. Also, if you are looking for like immense amounts of volume then you have to use some sort of hairspray along with this. But overall, I really like the curling custard and it keeps the frizz down immensely. Along with the curling custard I also bought like a styling mist from the same brand. You cannot spray it on, as the consistency is a little thinner than the curling custard. But, you basically take some in your hand and put it on the second day curls which need a little help. This bottle is about $12. I bought mine in 2010 and still have not finished it. I like to have my curly hair look voluminous. So right now I am on the look out for a good hairspray. As soon as I find one, I will let you guys know. Right now I am trying out Aveda's Air control hairspray.
If you have a Whole Foods near you, all of these products are available there!

Take a  look at it and let me know how it works! 

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