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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Origins VitaZing Moisturizer

Hey Friends!
So yesterday I had to the opportunity to meet the creator of Bare Minerals, Leslie Blodgett. For a second I thought I was literally going to cry, but thankfully it didn't happen. She is someone that I really look up to as an individual who has made a difference and still continues to make one! 

Today I just wanted to talk about a moisturizer that I picked up previously. I had mentioned in my post about foundations, so I just shelled out and bought the Origins VitaZing moisturizer. It is basically like a sheer tinted moisturizer. It has an spf of 20. I really like the scent, which is very subtle and kind of flowery. This is perfect for those who do not want a lot of coverage but are only looking out to kind of add that oomph to their skin. It gives a dewy glow and overall just boosts your skin. It is perfect for those who have oily skin as well, since it is an oil-free moisturizer. It is a little pricey. It retails around $35 for a 50 ml tube. But as far as I know, origins products last a long time, but it also depends on how often or how much one would use. You only need a tiny amount to even out your skin tone! But for now, I am just using this with a bit of blush and finishing powder and the overall effect is very pleasing! Please leave comments or requests, as that would help on how to improve or what other products I can review. Also, there are links for products on my sidebar for the ones I have reviewed. Take a look, and you might find some good deals! Check it out and see if you like it.

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