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Friday, February 3, 2012


Good Morning!

Topic for today? Cleansers/soaps. I have tried every soap-free cleanser for my face and some of them have worked and others haven't. Two years ago when I went to India I started to develop little bumps on my forehead. I was kind of bummed because before that I would never get  pimples. But, I had to deal with it. My mother came across something called African Black soap and told me about it. I kid you not I have never looked back after using it. This basically dries out all of your pimples and ever erases your black scars. My sister started using it before I did and her skin has cleared up tremendously. One drawback with this is that it dries out your skin a little bit. But, if used with Shea butter it leaves your skin impeccably smooth. You might ask what Shea butter is. It is basically the fat extracted from the nut that comes from the Shea tree in Africa. I use it instead of a lotion and it leaves my dry skin hydrated for the entire day. It is a little thicker than normal creams and lotions but at least it is all 100% natural so no side effects what so ever! Feeling good about yourself is always important and I think girls always feel better when they have perfect skin. You can buy both of these products easily on Amazon. Just type in raw African Black Soap and Raw African Shea butter. You can buy the Grape seed oil and the Jojoba oil on Amazon or in Whole Foods. I recommend either the brand Now Foods or Heather Lorraine.So try it out and see how you like it. 

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